We're the best

We assure you of high quality

Ox Fish Farm is family-owned and we are in business for the long-term. This means we ensure we deliver fish that are robust, nutritious and taste great. We sell fresh fish through our online shop and also, market women and suppliers to the final consumer.

premium quality

We practice good hygene

Our catfish always sell-out from the stalls of market women. Ox Fish Farm is set to create jobs in our economy because we will provide a steady supply of fish for our suppliers to sell and support their families from their gains. We also offer consultancy service to people venturing into catfish farming or who are thinking of expanding their current catfish business.

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High quality

We pride ourselves with the most hygienic farming methods

Fast Delivery

We deliver for free to destinations in Enugu within 45 minutes.

BBQ Available

We make delicious catfish barbecues, the best you can find around.